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Gold, one of the most alluring, “sparkling yellow metal” men have ever known, has enchanted & mesmerized people for a long time. The trading of gold through stock exchanges was started in 1974; the first gold trade was done through COMEX exchange in New York. The proper buying & selling of gold got started in the 1980s with online trading as well. It is of no surprise that gold is given a high value for using it as coinage, jewellery and arts. 

Gold is considered as a status symbol along with that of power, strength, & wealth. The value of gold has been climbing ever since its first trade. As of 2001, the value of gold has quintupled. There has been a surge in gold prices recently as investors & nations use this “sparkling yellow metal” as a protection against losses incurred in other assets such as stocks & bonds. 

Scrap Gold

Scrap gold, or gold which does not have any value in the marketed form such as broken jewellery, can be recycled. This recycled gold can then be made into gold bullions, gold accessories or pure gold bars, with fine purity. Since gold is of high demand & it gives great value, buying and selling of the scrap gold could be a worthwhile trade and investment. Selling scrap gold for cash could be a novel idea to make some “quick money”. Buying of scrap gold will bring you rich dividends as you can make ample profit by selling scrap gold, which is in your hand. Be on the lookout for good quality scrap gold for a better future. 

Rizan Jewellery

Rizan Jewellery in Dubai is the place if you are looking to buy or sell scrap gold. Rizan Jewellery also deals with any type of gold in Dubai. We provide high-quality gold scraps in Dubai while offering the best value for gold scraps. We are located right at the Dubai Gold Souk. Our E-Commerce venture allows you to keep a tab on good quality scrap gold. Buy gold in UAE through us. Approach us with the scrap gold in your hand and we will buy that from you at the market price; a wonderful way to sell gold in Dubai. 

The scrap gold we sell belongs to the highest purity of gold. The refined or fine gold with a purity of 24 Karat is referred to as gold 999.9.  We are one of the best gold buyers in Dubai. With the scrap gold, we buy from you; we make Rizan Bullions, after melting them. These are gold bullions, which is a collective term for gold bars and coins or ingots. This melted scrap gold is also used in making numismatic gold coins.

Investing Scrap Gold

Scrap gold is an asset to online traders & investors. Online platforms such as MetaTrader 5 (MT5) helps in investing scrap gold or the “sparkling yellow metal” in any form from the comfort of your home 24 x 7. MT5 is one of the best bullion trading platforms in Dubai. Through this platform, MT5, you can sell, buy, or invest gold in Dubai, which you get from Rizan Jewellery. Also, you can exchange Kilo Bars, Tola Bars, PAMP Swiss Gold bars (PAMP bars) and jewellery in Dubai. MT5 is a simple to use platform for investing the scrap gold that you have in your hands & we provide you with an opportunity to use MT5 platform.

E-Commerce Website

Our E-commerce website is one of a kind that offers a wide variety of gold accessories, gold bullions, pure gold as well as scrap gold. Rizan Jewellery in Dubai is renowned for its expertise in gold, silver, and diamond business. As part of expanding our business, we are starting a new venture with our new E-Commerce website. Our E-Commerce website will feature unique elements such as dynamic pricing that syncs with changing gold rate every day.  A wide range of gold designs will be on display in multiple pages. Our website will involve incorporation of festival-related offers as well as promotions. A new added unique feature would be our new section that allows you to place orders for customized gold, silver, and diamond jewellery. Our customized collection will feature your personalized designs based on your favorite photos & style. 

For the smooth functioning of the E-Commerce website, there would be proper back-up from our IT department. We also have a department or solving any issues regarding your online purchases. You can buy scrap gold from our E-Commerce website pretty easily now; this can be then sold or invested through our other services. We at Rizan Jewellery in Dubai will have a good shipping system or you can come to us & pick your gold accessories.

Customized Scrap Gold

Customize elegant gifts with your scrap gold through us. You can discuss with us your vision about personalizing your scrap gold and our experts will take it up for creating these designs. Through our E-Commerce website, we mould your scrap gold into the names of your loved ones, as name rings or name-cuttings. Also, we customize & personalize your scrap gold to design stylized alphabetic letters that you can use as a pendant. Our specialty with scrap gold involves wedding bands and custom made coins or ingots. All these and much more can be availed using your scrap gold, from us via Rizan Jewellery stores in Dubai as well as our E-Commerce website.

Welcome to Rizan Jewellery

Come to us at Rizan Jewellery in Dubai, for obtaining the best value for your scrap gold. Buy gold in UAE or buy & sell gold in Dubai via us. We guarantee you that you will come back for more with our various unique features, which you will get to enjoy with us. Some of these features include customization of gold, silver, and diamond jewellery, along with trading o scrap gold and other gold accessories. You can also avail the services of our new E-Commerce website of Rizan Jewellery. So, don’t be shy if you want to sell or buy scrap gold. Come to us, at Rizan Jewellery in Dubai, for a wholesome experience of buying, selling, or investing scrap gold.

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