Gold Scrap

Earn A Decent Value For Your Valuable Belongings

One of the leading options for trading gold scraps in Dubai, Rizan Jewellery is making waves of happy customers all over the place. We offer the best value for gold scraps and have an option to exchange kilo bars, tola bars, and jewellery through our e-commerce outlet. These gold accessories are weighed and converted to bar form. Pure gold- weight of the tested gold scrap bars is calculated for an estimate of the exchange value. Our professionalism comes to the fore with customers being happy with the whole process.

Buy Gold

Building Your Future with Gold Bars

A trusted haven to get gold, Rizan Jewellery in Dubai, deals with gold with utmost purity. Our customers are offered pure gold with great quality at an affordable value. The new E-Commerce venture extends our reach to people all over UAE & world. We engage with meticulously tested gold accessories which range from bullions and coins to jewellery and scrap bars. Our professional team ensures that the customers who we serve obtain gold accessories at values they are worth for; which are reasonable.

Sell Gold

” The Trusted e-Commerce Platform To Sell Gold “

Looking for a place to sell your gold in Dubai? Come to us as we will be happy to take your gold for a price, which it’s worth for. We at Rizan Jewellery in Dubai have made a name for ourselves over the years as one of the famous places for selling your gold. Our recent venture of E-Commerce has extended the services offered by Rizan Jewellery to many other locations as well. With or without an online platform, people can trust Rizan Jewellery in Dubai, by selling their gold for a decent and worthy amount; a professional platform for anyone to sell gold in Dubai