We provides a wide variety of glamorous and glitzy jewellery in

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Name Cutting

Surprise your loved ones with personalized gifts!

Gift your friends, family, and loved ones with precious gifts that speak to them. Let them be reminded how special you are to them through these personalized gold, silver, or diamond gifts.

Name Rings

Let our personalized rings speak!

Diamond, gold or silver rings engraved with yours or your loved one’s name on it, as part of a personal or surprise gift, or maybe as a souvenir. This personalized ring, will speak volumes about the love & respect you have for that person.

Letter Pendant

Let alphabets charm you!

Be thoughtful and charming while offering your loved ones with letter pendants that adorn their necklaces. These alphabet pendants offer a much needed warmth & security to your loved ones.

Wedding Bands

Cherish your love for long!

The wedding bands offered by Rizan Jewellery in Dubai, celebrate your love and give one more reason to cherish it to the fullest for a long time. These wedding bands are special, like the person wearing them are, for you.

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we sets a stylish and affordable precious jewellery trend in dubai offering the finest quality jewellery at much attractive prices. We also array a wide collection of catalog design with gemstones