Buy Customized Gold, Silver, and Diamond Jewellery Online

gold diamond jewellery in dubai

Do you have an interesting jewelry design idea to make your big day special? Rizan Jewellery is the right place where you can share your inspiring ideas and get compelling, customized gold, silver and diamond jewellery that let adorn your beguiling beauty.

At Rizan Jewellery, we have a dedicated department that is constantly striving to craft customized jewellery patterns. Our in-house artists have in-depth expertise in making jewellery according to the needs and requirements of customers and special occasions. Whether you need the jewellery for your marriage or any other special celebrations, artists working with us create sleek, classic and contemporary designs that suit your occasions. Customers who have cravings for vintage and traditional collections, our design team works with them to extract their jewelry design idea and all our artists work together to design ornaments that are a true reflection of their ideas.

We boast of having a special team committed to designing customized jewellery patterns that suits your style statement. Our widest range of customized jewellery includesletter pendant, love or wedding bands, chains, rings, necklaces, name cutting, gold coins, etc.

Custom Made Jewellery – As Unique As You

Handcrafted to perfection, Rizan jewellery is an ultimate online space where you could get the highest purity gold, diamond and silver jewellery at affordable rates. From luxurious and lustrous custom made gold and silver jewellery collection to simple and elegant jewellery, we have everything in our basket for our valuable customers. The big specialty of our craftsmen is that they have immense knowledge in jewellery making followed in different countries. Moreover, they have hands on expertise in designing bridal collections that feature complex patterns and stone works.

Have a quick glance at the factors that make Rizan the most trusted brand in e-commerce jewellery business.

Unique Customization

At Rizan Jewellery, we have started a new venture that you can avail when you seek us to buy gold in UAE or Dubai or to sell gold in Dubai. Through this venture, our precious customers can customize and personalize gold, silver, or diamond jewellery. Bring your favorite photo, drawings, and designs to us & we will do the needful to surprise your loved ones and family members. This is a very unique thing that Rizan Jewellery do for you at a very affordable price.

The things Rizan Jewellery Customize

Get your name written in gold or silver through name cutting. Engrave the names of your special ones on to a gold or silver ring. Ask us about how we customize diamond rings and we will tell you not to worry about the stones. We fetch the diamond stones for you as we custom create the diamond jewellery for you. Surprise your loved ones through gifting elegant gold accessories, and silver or diamond jewellery accessories. Personalize your gold, silver, and diamond that speak to you through your design, style, and our workmanship & craftsmanship.

A trusted name in Dubai & UAE

Rizan Jewellery, a house-hold name in jewellery business in Dubai is expanding its reach to customers via its new E-Commerce platform. In this smart era, it is imperative for a big jewellery brand such as this to evolve into something unique; a way with which they can reach out to potential customers. With an expert team behind this new venture, Rizan jewellery guarantees quality gold, silver, or diamond accessories through its safe & secure online shopping website. Apart from selling gold, silver, or diamond accessories via its outlet & online stores, Rizan Jewellery also provides an online platform for trading or investing using gold or silver jewellery.

Scrap gold & silver

Rizan Jewellery is a leading brand in scrap gold & scrap silver. You can buy and sell gold scraps in Dubai as well as silver through us. At Rizan Jewellery, we take the scrap gold and silver jewellery you sell to us and convert them into gold or silver bullions (bars and ingots). We offer the best value of gold scraps according to current market trend. Rizan Jewellery in Dubai, enhance the value of scrap gold and silver accessories and sell them back to the public. The gold we design is of various Karats ranging from 24 Karat to 18 Karat. The size of the gold & silver bars and jewellery we offer vary from 1 gram to 1000 grams.

Kilo Bars, Tola Bars, and Jewellery

Through Rizan Jewellery stores and E-Commerce website, one can exchange Kilo bars (1000 grams of gold or silver), Tola bars (10 gram of gold or silver) & Jewellery at a very handy price. You can also exchange the PAMP Swiss Gold bars or PAMP bars through Rizan Jewellery, which gives you a good value for all your gold. The quality of gold we deal at Rizan Jewellery is that o pure gold, fine gold and gold 999.9 that has a 24 Karat value. Our pure gold bar is of fine purity along with gold accessories and silver that is of wonderful purity. With us, you can sell gold in Dubai as well as buy gold in Dubai. It is our guarantee that, if you want to buy or sell gold in Dubai, we are the trusted name for those. Also, you could sell gold for cash through our stores or our online E-Commerce platform.

Bullion Platform

Our most unique feature at Rizan Jewellery in Dubai is that – we offer opportunities to buy, sell, trade, or invest gold and silver via an online platform. Rizan Bullion located in Dubai Gold Souk allows you to do these processes with ease. This bullion trading platform in Dubai for online trading is MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This online platform offers a wide range of options to invest your gold bullion bars or silver bullion bars. Be cautious while trading & investing your gold and silver. A simple interface for a complex trading process is introduced to you for improving & increasing the value o gold and silver at your hand.