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Gold Dore Bars In UAE: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

We specialize in the trade of precious metals, including gold dore bars, polished diamonds, and jewellery.

In the competitive gold trading industry, our company stands out by offering a diverse selection of services and products. As a bullion trading company in Dubai, UAE, we specialize in buying/selling products to customers.

Gold has been a symbol of wealth and stability for centuries. Today, it remains a valuable asset for investors and industrial users alike. But how do you get started with investing in gold? This page will guide you through the different forms of gold: bullion, dore bars, and refined gold, explaining their manufacturing process and where to buy them.

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Bullion is gold in its purest form, typically cast into bars or ingots. However, the term "bullion" can also include goldcoins. Bullion is generally traded on major exchanges and is the benchmark for the gold price. Our gold bullion is manufactured to the highest purity and weight accuracy standards. Each bar is stamped with a unique serial number, ensuring authenticity and traceability. Ideal for investment, gold bullion is a secure asset in your financial portfolio.

Dore Bars

Dore bars are semi-finished products typically containing 50-75% gold, with silver and other metals composing the rest. They are produced at mines by smelting the extracted gold ore. These bars are then sent to refineries for further purification. We source our dore bars from reputable mines to ensure the best quality and ethical standards.

Refined Gold

After further processing at refineries, dore bars transform into refined gold. This is the gold in high-purity bars, ingots, and coins, often exceeding 99.5% purity. Refined gold is the most sought-after form for investors due to its well-defined value and ease of resale. This gold suits various applications, including jewelry making, electronics, and investment.

The Manufacturing Process

1.  Sourcing Raw Material: We collaborate with responsible and ethical mining operations to source high-quality raw gold.

2. Smelting and Refining: The raw gold undergoes smelting to separate it from other metals. This process produces dore bars.The dore bars are refined using advanced techniques such as electrolysis and chemical processes to achieve high purity levels.

3.  Casting and Molding: The refined gold is cast into bars of varying sizes and weights. Our precision molds ensure each bar meets industry standards.

4. Quality Assurance: Each gold bar undergoes stringent quality checks, including weight verification and purity testing, before being packaged and shipped to our clients.

Where to Buy Dore Bars

Due to their lower purity, dore bars could be better for casual investors. Refiners, industrial users, and specialized investment firms typically buy and sell them in larger quantities. Dubai offers a thriving market if you are an experienced investor interested in purchasing dore bars. Reputable refineries and bullion dealers operate here, providing assays (purity reports) and secure transactions. Here are some resources to help you find dore bar buyers in Dubai:

Industry directories: Search online directories or business listings focused on Dubai's precious metals market. Look for companies dealing specifically with dore bars.

Commodity exchanges: The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is a major hub for gold trading. Explore their member directory to find potential dore bar buyers.

Refineries: Research refineries located in Dubai that specialize in gold processing. They may also be interested in purchasing dore bars.

Purchasing gold dore bars has always been challenging. At Rizan Jewellery, we offer a seamless buying experience through our online platform and trusted network of dealers. Here's how you can buy:

Visit Our Online Store: Please browse our selection of gold dore bars, bullion, and refined gold. Each product listing provides detailed information about the item's weight, purity, and price.

Contact Our Sales Team: For bulk orders or specific inquiries, contact our experienced sales team. They will guide you through the purchasing process and provide personalized assistance.

Certified Dealers: We work with a network of certified dealers who uphold our quality and ethical standards. Find a dealer near you through our dealer locator tool.

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