While planning a trip to Dubai, shopping is always in your mind. The city opens up incredible shopping opportunities for visitors from around the world.

Apart from the other markets and industries like fashion, food, and technology, the city is well-known for its buzzing gold markets. The famous gold souks in Dubai attract more investors and visitors to the Middle East region. Today, Dubai is known as the ‘City of Gold’ and that simply describes the city’s fondness for Gold.

Dubai – The Leading Gold Market in the World

After oil mining, the major share of the UAE’s economy is raised from its booming gold industry. Geographical speculations of the region play a key role in bringing up Dubai one of the major Gold markets in the world. As a result, Dubai became the number one destination for world-class refineries. Dubai gold markets offer 100% pure, authenticity-certified gold at the best price and service. Also, Dubai gold buyers have the opportunity to choose from the widest selection of extraordinary jewelry designs. If you are looking for a simple design for everyday wear, or a piece of statement jewelry for your special occasion, Dubai gold souks unveil unique, fashionable jewelry designs you’ve never seen before.

Why Dubai Gold is Cheaper?

Do you know any other international market famous for its gold industry? The only answer that comes to your mind first is always Dubai – no doubt. Apart from the quality of gold, Dubai retailers offer the best gold rates in the world.

These are the top reasons why the gold rate in Dubai is cheaper compared to the other international markets.

  • Providing the best & latest international gold price
  • Dubai gold is completely tax-free
  • Lowest making charges
  • Exclusive price discounts & special offers
  • Dubai is home to world-class refineries
  • Hassle-free import/export facilities
  • Stiff competition between vendors

However, finding the right gold shop from countless Dubai retailers can be confusing for new customers. That’s why more people worldwide keep searching on the internet where and how to buy gold in Dubai, just like you.

Before you enter the UAE Gold market, you need to know some facts and tips that will ensure you the most reasonable, value-for-money gold purchase in Dubai. Here are 5 Key Tips you should consider while shopping from a gold retailer in Dubai.

1. Know the Real Gold Price

Like other stocks, the price of Gold keeps fluctuating on daily basis. For this reason, it’s always the most important factor to know the up-to-date gold market rate in Dubai. Having a clear-cut idea about the current gold price in Dubai is essential to avoid overcharging, help customers to review their budget, and allow them to make decisions sensibly.

Recognizing the ongoing gold market rate enables customers to analyze and find out the best dealer. Always keep an eye on the recent gold price, so that customers can bargain with vendors to get the best price and discounts. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the gold rate first before stepping up to buy gold in Dubai.

2. Identify Gold Purity

When it comes to gold shopping in Dubai, you need to do a little research about the diversified purity standards Dubai Gold markets offer. Because the price of gold is always set depending on the purity grade (karat) and weight of the metal. Unfortunately, pure gold is too soft. This possibly increases the chance of breaking or scratching the precious metal. That’s why gold jewelry is often crafted by mixing with other metals like silver, zinc, copper, and nickel. Adding secondary metals hardens pure gold, which makes it safer for everyday use. So, recognizing purity is very important to identify the real value of your gold piece.

3. Learn the art of Bargaining

Finding out the best shop to buy gold in Dubai could be possible after visiting different shops. However, knowing how to bargain is crucial to bag the best deal possible when buying gold in Dubai. Decent bargaining allows customers to purchase gold according to the price range they can afford.

Always keep in mind that, the price of gold is fixed based on its purity grade and weight. So the only thing where you can bargain is on its making charges. Be a good haggler and keep bargaining until you get a price that is reasonable to your budget. If the vendor is not willing to accept your price range, just step out of the shop and move to the next one.

4. Make Payments in Cash

Card or cash? Most Dubai shops offer secure online payment options for customers. But when you purchase gold in Dubai, a credit card payment often charges up to 2% of the total amount to be paid. So, the chances for price discounts are lower compared to the direct cash payment.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to keep cash while shopping for gold in Dubai. Based on the volume of purchases, gold buyers in Dubai may save more money by paying cash. This excludes all kinds of credit card machine charges and helps customers to buy gold at the best price and discounts.

5. Know the Best Time to Buy Gold in Dubai

Buying gold in Dubai at any time is profitable. However, to make shopping more comfortable and affordable, try to purchase gold during the Dubai Shopping Festival season. The biggest shopping festival in the world is held from December to January every year.

Dubai shopping festival is a great opportunity to buy Gold at the best price. Vendors often attract customers with incredible discounts, special offers, and varieties of the latest collections during the shopping festival in Dubai. Undoubtedly, there’s possibly no better time than the shopping festival season to steal a perfect deal on your gold purchase in Dubai.

So, before you step into a gold shop in Dubai, be aware of these golden tips first. For any further queries and clarifications, talk to one of our jewelry experts and we’ll help you bag the best deal when you shop for gold in Dubai next time.

What makes RIZAN the Best Place to Buy Gold in Dubai?

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